Spa resort Ryokan
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Spectacular natural beauty
in front of you!


Altitude is about 420m. The ryokan is nestled in a valley, with a view of the Hayakawa River
below and the majestic Hakone mountain range, which weaves its way through the four seasons.
The view from the top, the healing forest surroundings, the day and night, the season that
comes and goes, you can enjoy each unique flavors.

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Kacho Fugetsu / Soul


The emblem of the ryokan, which expresses "Kacho Fugetsu (the beauties of nature)", an ancient and typical Japanese word for love of nature. And it's expressed in Koukotsumoji (oracle bone script). With the Koukotsumoji for "Soul" at the center, it expresses our commitment to welcoming our guests with seasonal nature and sincere service.



Japanese tatami mats are laid throughout the ryokan, even in the corridors, so you can relax in your traditional white tabi socks. The cuisine is served in the privacy of your own room, as a Japanese-style ryokan can offer. Please spend time with your loved ones without worrying about the surroundings.

We will entertain our guests with our sincere service, while respecting the ancient Japanese customs and traditional events of living together with an appreciation for nature.

Exotic Luxury Resorts

The most relaxing and special time

The warmth created by natural materials, calm and mysterious lights and shadows, it is an organically and exotic luxury space that blends Japanese relaxation with modern comfort. Enjoy an extraordinary moment that can only be experienced here, where you can heal your senses while connecting with the great nature. Each room is equipped with high-quality original amenities, so you can come empty-handed.

All rooms have an open-air bath

Private ONSEN

All rooms have an open terrace facing the Hayakawa Valley side with a private open-air bath and relaxing sofas. Enjoy bathing in a private space where the boundary between inside and outside has been eliminated to the utmost limit, and where you can be one with nature while enjoying the different views of the area. For your comfort, there is an indoor bath or shower area, and a powder room adjacent to the baths.

Taste the changing seasons
with your eyes and tongue


We offer a monthly changing menu using ingredients carefully selected for each season. Please enjoy Kaiseki cuisine that through the four seasons and the finest ingredients. Breakfast and dinner are served in your room. Enjoy your meal in the dining area of your room.

Let your mind play
in a world of poetry

Bar & Lounge

We have a bar counter and lounge on the 5th floor with a spectacular view, and a garden lounge on the 1st floor. We have an selected variety of sake, shochu, whiskey, wine, champagne, and original cocktails. Please enjoy a blissful time.

Panorama view of mountains from the bath


Enjoy bathing as if you were one with the nature in front of you with a spectacular view of the Hakone mountain range beyond the horizon. A sauna is also available.

【Spring quality】Sodium-Chloride spring (hypotonic, weak alkaline, hyperthermal spring)

A spa of pleasure
in a mysterious forest

Ginyu Spa

Enjoy the extreme SPA that heals the senses at Ginyu Spa, located in a detached area past the forest hallway. Not only will it relieve your body's fatigue, but it will also restore your own natural balance and lead you to a healthy beauty. Equipped with a water garden with a magnificent view of nature and an open-air bath with free-flowing spring water, the spa is also available for day-trip use. The entire spa pavilion can be reserved from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM, after the esthetic salon is closed. We can also accommodate weddings and anniversary surprises.