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Hakone Ginyu

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We at Hakone Ginyu put our heart and soul into everything our customers touch, from the products and amenities of our directly managed spa (Ginyu Spa) to the linens and tableware, and we carefully examine each and every material and production process to ensure that we are using materials and combinations that we can trust and actually feel good about. We make orders directly from the producers and workshops.
We will continue to develop and improve our original products and select only the best in Hakone Ginyu to make your stay comfortable and special, and to contribute to the inheritance, development, and creation of excellent techniques and culture and arts.
Products that you like can be purchased for home use or as gifts for your loved ones at the "Ginyu Shop (online store)" or "Gin no Kura (souvenir shop inside the facility)".

Ginyu Spa

Directly managed spa

Based on the concept of "Kacho Fugetsu", we offer the ultimate SPA experience that can only be experienced here, deeply connecting with nature and healing the five senses. For the treatment, we use our original products, which are luxuriously blended with high-quality ingredients.
The entire spa pavilion can be reserved from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. after the esthetic salon is closed. We are happy to assist with weddings and anniversary surprises.

Amenities / Products

Original Products

The original products of Hakone Ginyu are the result of many years of development and improvement based on the opinions and impressions of our guests and direct communication with the factory. Our products are made with the hope that our guests will remember their stay at Hakone Ginyu and feel relaxed even after they have returned to their daily lives.
Production is only in Japan. We provide fresh products with luxurious ingredients that are excellent for the skin and are not mass produced.

5 Commitments

Custom-made Linens

Our yukata and samue, as well as towels, gowns, and other linens used in guest rooms and spas, are original products produced to custom orders. We are particular about not only the quality but also the colors, patterns, designs, and comfort so that our guests can spend a luxurious time.
Gift wrapping is also available for customers who purchase as a gift. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to have it gift-wrapped.

Ginyu Original Designs

Directly-ordered Interiors

Most of the furniture and miscellaneous goods at Hakone Ginyu are purchased locally in Bali or made to order directly from artists and workshops. We welcome our guests with a different layout and decorations for each season. Please enjoy the warmth, beauty, and fun created by nature and human hands, which are not found in any other place.


Japanese paper Lightings

Natural stones and lighting made of Japanese paper create a peaceful and mysterious space. We hope you will relax in body and soul, surrounded by the organic beauty and warmth created by natural materials.


Original Tablewares

Most of the tableware and cutlery that brighten up the food are also Hakone Ginyu originals, made to order directly from artists and workshops. Please enjoy the unusual materials and designs of the tableware with your meal.