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4F|Kaze Type Room

Kaze type is only one room on the 4th floor. It has an open-air bath and an indoor bath on the terrace. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the Hakone mountain range from the open-air bath and living room.

Japanese-style room『Keifu』

Japanese-style rooms are available for families and small groups. Please lie down and relax in the tatami-mat Japanese-style room.

Both dinner and breakfast will be brought to your room. Although the rooms are Japanese-style, the dining room has a kotatsu-style table that can be placed over a sunken table, so you can stretch out your legs comfortably.


Entrance + Japanese-style room (10 tatami mats) + dining room with sunken kotatsu (10 tatami mats) + mini-kitchen + sink + toilet + indoor bath + terrace (open-air bath + sitting area)

■Exclusive area: 100㎡
■Capacity:1 to 4 persons
Onsen Data
■Spring quality

Sodium-Chloride spring (hypotonic, weak alkaline, hyperthermal spring)


Chronic women's diseases, weak or sickly child, chronic skin disease, cuts, burns, and other general indications(neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruises, sprains, chronic gastrointestinal diseases, hemorrhoids, cold sensitivity, restorative phase from illness, recovery from fatigue, health promotion)

■Room Facilities

Pillows (2 kinds), air purifier, humidifier


LCD TV, DVD player, music player, wireless LAN router


Shampoo, treatment, body soap, body scrub, facial cleansing foam, moisture lotion, essence lotion, cleanser, all-in-one gel, bath towel, face towel, bathrobe & yukata & samue

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4F|Kaze Type Room

Kaze type is only one room on the 4th floor. It is a Japanese-style room type. You can enjoy the spectacular view from the top.

3F|Hoshi Type Room

The Hoshi type room is located on the 3rd floor and offers a spectacular view of the Hakone mountain range. Japanese-style rooms, Western-style rooms, and only one maisonette type room are available.

2F|Sora Type Room

Sora type rooms are located on the 2nd floor. We recommend this room during the season when the trees of the forest stretch their branches close by, and the fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and mountain cherry blossoms are in full bloom. This is the most reasonably priced type in the ryokan. Two types of rooms are available: Japanese-style room type and Western-style room type.

1F|Tsuki Type Room

Tsuki type rooms are located on the lowest floor (1F) and are Japanese / Western style rooms with a large open terrace area. The open-air hot spring baths are surrounded by the forests of Hakone and are equipped with a jacuzzi function. It is surrounded by forest trees and has a private atmosphere.