Spa resort Ryokan
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You can see the inside of the building in a 360° panoramic view.

Restaurant / Banquet hall "Yuan" We have prepared a 41.5 tatami mat space and 4 booths for your dining. These rooms are available for groups of guests who wish to eat together.
Lounge "Ginyu Shijin" How about a cup of coffee while enjoying the view at the "Ginyu Shijin" lounge on the top floor?
Bar Counter "Bo-yu" The "Bo-yu" bar counter has a one-piece counter made from a pine tree that was found in the hotel's garden, which offers a beautiful view through the glass.
Garden Lounge "Myo-jo" The garden lounge " Myo-jo" on the first floor is an open space that looks like it is floating on a pond. Enjoy original cocktails and other Western liquors while gazing at the fantastically illuminated trees.
Souvenir shop "Gin no Kura"Ginyu Shop We also offer original products that you can only purchase here, as well as Balinese goods and other items. Some of our products are also sold through our online store.
Spa Pavilion "Ginyu Spa" We welcome our guests with treatments and original products that only a directly-managed esthetic salon can provide. There is also a bath with free-flowing hot-spring water, which is available only for guests using the Spa. Please spend a healing time with us. (by reservation only)
Number of guest rooms (all 20 rooms: Japanese-style room x 17, Western-style room x 3)

All rooms have open terrace, open-air bath and dining room

Various room types are available, including Japanese-style rooms, Western-style rooms, and maisonette type rooms. Wheelchair-accessible rooms are also available upon request.
Public baths (stone bathtub, open-air bath, sauna)

Bathhouse "Tsuki-shiro" and "Tsuki-ne" ※Male-female time entry system

The "Tsuki-shiro" bathhouse offers the feeling of being one with nature, and the "Tsuki-ne" bathhouse offers the refreshing breeze of the valley, both equipped with open-air baths and saunas. The baths are changing by the hour, so you can enjoy either bathhouse.
Spring Quality / Indications Sodium-chloride spring (hypotonic, weak alkaline, hyperthermal)
Chronic women's diseases, weak or sickly child, chronic skin disease, cuts, burns, and other general indications(neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruises, sprains, chronic gastrointestinal diseases, hemorrhoids, cold sensitivity, restorative phase from illness, recovery from fatigue, health promotion)
Parking lot 15 cars
Please be careful when entering our parking lot from Route 1, as there is a steep slope.
Elevators Available
Barrier-free Accessible
Internet environments WLAN around the lobby on 5F, LAN cable in all rooms
Amenities Shampoo, treatment, body soap, herbal soap, body scrub, facial cleansing foam, moisture lotion, essence lotion, bath towel, face towel, bathrobe & yukata & samue
Rental services Pillows (2 types), air purifier, humidifier, LCD TV, DVD player, music player, wireless LAN router
Child support services Children's tableware, children's toothbrushes, children's yukata, children's towels